1. Childhood and Youth

102. Art, Music, and the Politics of Childhood in the 20th Century Bunch
103. Stories and Oral Histories of the Holodomor in the Digital Age Swietlicki 
104. Challenges of Childhood in the Late Twentieth Century Swietlicki 
105. Structures and Infrastructures of Childhood Swietlicki 

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

201. Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff/Levi
202. Legal Mobilization in Historical Perspective Sachs
203. Developing Trust and Distrust in Newspapers: The National Library of Australia’s Trove and the Coverage of Bigamy and Murder Trials. Méthot
204. Truth, Self-Construction and Data in the Legal Archives Smith
205. Crime, Morality, and Contested Authority Levi

3. Culture

302. Politics of Meaning O'Shea
303. History, Politics, and Memory II Dromi
304. Interpreting the State Dromi
305. Rethinking Culture and Action Dromi
306. Cultural Practices and Collective Mobilization Dromi
307. Institutions and Morality Dromi
308. The Politics of Language Dromi
309. Interpretation and Social Order Dromi
310. History, Politics, and Memory I Dromi

4. Data Infrastructure

401. Evaluating Data Quality I Magnuson/Mourits/Snyder
402. Evaluating Data Quality II Nelson
403. Global Histories and Data: Building Maps & Linking Data Across Time and Place Levy
404. Round Table, Data Confidentiality, Respondent Trust: 21st Century Issues Gardner
406. Designing and Evaluating Data Pipelines Magnuson
407. Labor, Patents, and Regulation: Insights from IPUMS Full Count Census Data Magnuson
408. Implications of New Techniques on Data Infrastructure Magnuson
409. Data Infrastructure Resources Past and Present Magnuson
410. New Developments in Linked Data Infrastructure Magnuson
411. Beyond the Census--Adding What's Missing and Aggregating What's There Beveridge
412. New Historical Data Reconstructions Magnuson
413. IPUMS Full Count/MLP Workshop Magnuson
414. Databases for the Quantitative History of China Campbell

5. Economics

502. Evolution and Change in Labor Markets Eloranta
503. Land Cessions, Town Settlements, and the Growth of Markets Eloranta
504. Economic Mobility Eloranta
505. Technology and Entrepreneurship Eloranta
506. Political Economy, Trade, and Development Eloranta
507. Consumption, Credit, and Wealth Eloranta
508. Capturing Gender Inequality through Fine-Grained Spatial Data: Sex Ratios, Schooling and More Saaritsa
509. Rethinking the Developmental State 1: East Asia Keliher
510. Rethinking the Developmental State 2: The Roots of a Developmental State in China and Taiwan Keliher
511. Rethinking the Developmental State 3: Taiwan Agriculture Keliher
512. Rethinking the Developmental State 4: Latin America Keliher
513. Rethinking the Developmental State 5: North America Keliher
514. Rethinking the Developmental State 6: Roundtable Keliher
515. Book Symposium "As Gods among Men" by Guido Alfani Eloranta

6. Education, Knowledge and Science

602. Education, Knowledge, and Science in China 1920-2020 Lee
604. Academic and Professional Career Trajectories: Meritocratic Dreams and Stratified Realities Baker
605. Digital Methods: Archives, Algorithms, AI Baker
606. Educational Reforms and Transformations: Revisiting Several National Experiences Baker
607. Scholarly Orthopraxy/Orthodoxy: Re/Constructing Norms and Canons Baker
608. Educational Reforms and Transformations: Selected Experiences from Nordic Countries Baker
609. Scientific Innovation and Development: Whence and Whither the State? Baker

7. Family Demography

702. Population Dynamics and Climate in Historical Perspective Scalone
703. A Century of War, Injury and Trauma, 1918-2019 Roberts
704. Canadian Migration to the US, 1850-1930:New Studies Mixing Scales and Approaches Gauvreau
705. Women and Family Property Moring
706. Environmental and Social Dimensions of Infectious Disease Mortality: Historical Perspectives Helgertz/Breen
707. Determinants of Mortality: Disease, Disability, and Climate Impacts Helgertz/Breen
708. Kinship Dynamics and Effects: Historical Insights Helgertz/Breen
709. Historical Racial and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health and Mortality Helgertz/Breen
710. Migration, Integration, and Social Outcomes: A Historical Perspective Helgertz/Breen
711. Family Structure, Disruptions, and Outcomes Helgertz/Breen
712. Marriage Patterns and Practices: New Historical Evidence Helgertz/Breen
713. Adversity and Resilience: Birth Weights, Child Mortality, and Climate Vulnerability Helgertz/Breen
714. Power Dynamics: Patriarchy, Slaveholding, and Class Struggles Helgertz/Breen
715. Educational Landscapes and Policies: Challenges in Historical U.S. Contexts Helgertz/Breen
Related Sessions in Other Networks
401. Evaluating Data Quality I Magnuson/Mourits/Snyder

8. Health, Medicine and Body

801. Public Health from Venereal Disease to Covid Caron/Tatarek
802. Stratified Medicalization: Studies in Biomedicine and Inequality Garrett
803. Recovering the History of Comestibles Since 1500: Sources and Methodologies Withington
804. Health Professionals’ Reaction to Emergent Diagnoses Caron
805. Disparities in health care Caron

9. Historical Geography and GIS

902. People and Urban Spaces: A Round Table in Honour of Sherry Olson Sweeny
903. Rethinking the Land: A Round Table Sweeny
904. Coping with the Colonial Gaze - Mapping Colonial Latin American Sources Stangl
905. Unearthing the Past with Historical GIS Data: Sourcing, Visualizing, Interpreting Yuan
906. New Data on the New Deal Xu
907. Mapping Diversity from the Red Sea to the Gulf: Ethiopia, Turkey and Iran Salzmann
908. Yesterday's Buildings, Today's Data, and Tomorrow's Challenges: Studying the Historical Built Environment and Its Impacts Cunningham
909. Urban Historical GIS: Public Health Baics
910. Novel Sources and Distant Pasts Across Global Geographies Swope
911. New Approaches to Public Spatial History Kennedy
912. Inequality and Segregation in US Cities Swope
914. New Methods in Historical Mapping: Deep Maps, ChatGPT, and New Media Kennedy
916. Urban Historical GIS: Social History Baics

10. Labor

1003. Book session: Women in the Factory1880-1930, Class and Gender, Beatrice Moring (Boydell Press 2024) Moring
1004. Author Meets Critic: Janine Giordano Drake, The Gospel of Church: How Mainline Protestants Villified Christian Socialism and Fractured the Labor Mvmt (Oxford). Waldron
1005. States, Politics, and Labor Groeger
1006. The Expansion/Contraction of Worker Categories Groeger
1007. Organizing the Professions Groeger

11. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1102. Commemorating Xiaohong Xu: Class, Culture, and Contingency in Historical Sociology Zhang
1103. Commemorating Xiaohong Xu: Historicizing the Cultural Revolution and the Reform Zhou
1104. Commemorating Xiaohong Xu: The Long Chinese Revolution in Comparative Perspective Luo
1105. Commemorating Xiaohong Xu: Comparative Historical Methodology and China Studies Fu
1106. Colonial Legacies in Comparative Perspective Kaplow
1107. Boundaries of Qing Frontier Politics: Shamanism, Property Right, and Inner Barrier Chen
1108. Power and Normativity in Society and History I: Race, Politics, and Legitimation Reed
1109. Power and Normativity in Society and History II: Historicism Conceptually Reconfigured Reed
1110. Power and Normativity in Society and History III: Counterfactuals, Counterconcepts, and Moral Representation in Social Research Reed
1111. Power and Normativity in Society and History IV: The Contested Cultures of Political Modernities Reed
1112. Consolidating and Subverting Authorities in Asian and Eurasian Empires Hung
1113. Crises, Transformations, and Resilience in Historical Perspective: Insights from Global Comparative Research Hung
1114. From Nomadic Imperialism to Imperial Patronage: Rethinking Power Dynamics in Historical Contexts Hung
1115. Rethinking Fields, Social Spaces, and Reflexivity: Theoretical and Methodological Innovations in Historical Sociology Hung

12. Migration/Immigration

1202. Indigenous and Migrant Encounters in Historical Context Madokoro
1203. Asian Migrations in the Pacific World. Yukari Takai
1204. Nationalism on the Ground: Migration, Inclusion, and Exclusion in Postwar Europe Newhouse
1205. Looking Back, Looking Forward: Directions in the Study of Ethnicity and Migration Sinke
1206. Retelling Toronto’s Greek History in the 20th Century; A Transnational and Digital Public History Gekas
1207. Book Session: Cambridge History of Global Migrations, Edited by Donna Gabaccia, Marcelo Borges, Madeline Hsu, Cátia Antunes, and Eric Tagliacozzo Borges
1208. Hidden Histories of Unauthorized European Immigration to the United States in the 20th Century Kang
1209. Canadian and American Immigration Policies Pedraza
1210. Narrating Migrant Lives Waldron
1211. New Perspectives on Nativist Discourses Waldron
1212. Migrant Networks and Systems Waldron
1213. Disciplining Laborers Through Migration Policy Waldron

13. Politics

1302. Conceptualizing Institutional Stabilization Castano
1303. Policymaking in U.S. Politics Ramanathan
1304. Political Elites Ramanathan
1305. The Politics of Protest and Resistance Ramanathan
1306. The Politics of Historical Memory and Knowledge Production Ramanathan
1307. Sources and Uses of Power in Chinese Politics Ramanathan

14. Race and Ethnicity

1402. Racial Hygiene: Then and Now Ivory
1403. Racial Counter-narratives and the City Ivory
1404. Unsettled Settler Colonialism Ivory
1405. Minoritized Identities and the State Ivory
1406. Race to the Archives Ivory
1407. The Color Behind Collars: Race and Labor Ivory

15. Religion

1501. Research Methods in the Study of Religion Tabakoglu/Menchik/Aygenc
1503. Democracy, Religion, and Its Elsewheres Menchik
1504. Author-Meets-Critics: Asian Pacific Catholicism and Globalization, by Jose Casanova and Peter Phan Mayrl
1505. Author Meets Critic: At the Frontier of God's Empire: A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China by Ji Li Chen
1506. States, Authority, and Institutional Transformation in the Religious Field Tabakoglu
1507. Author-Meets-Critic: Coca-Cola, Black Panthers, and Phantom Jets: Israel in the American Orbit, 1967-1973 by Oz Frankel Tabakoglu
Related Sessions in Other Networks
1004. Author Meets Critic: Janine Giordano Drake, The Gospel of Church: How Mainline Protestants Villified Christian Socialism and Fractured the Labor Mvmt (Oxford). Waldron

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

1601. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental McMillan Lequieu/Schmidt
1602. State Environment-Making in Historical Perspective Lurie
1603. A Historical Sociology of Wicked Problems Fox
1604. Climate Change & Environmental transformation Schmidt
1605. Natural Resource Economies Schmidt
1606. Author Meets Critic: Who We Are Is Where We Are: Making Home in the American Rust Belt by Amanda McMillan Lequieu McMillan Lequieu

17. States and Society

1702. Author Meets Critics: Atef Said, "Revolution Squared: Tahrir, Political Possibilities, and Counterrevolution in Egypt" Hammer
1703. Gender, Expertise, and the State Piehowski
1704. Author Meets Future Critics: Architects of the Divided States: Doing Federalism in Red and Blue America (pre-publication) by Josh Pacewicz Pacewicz
1705. Author-Meets-Critics: Empire, Incorporated by Philip J. Stern Stern
1706. Authors Meet Critics: After Positivism, Edited by Nicholas Hoover Wilson and Damon Mayrl Wilson
1708. Welfare, States, and Security Norton
1709. Financialization, Banks, and States Norton
1710. Comparative and Historical State Formation Norton
1711. Sociological Theory, History, and Identity Norton
1712. Labor and Resistance Norton
1713. Class Inequality and Politics Norton
1714. Class, Colonialism, and Empire in US History Norton
1715. Sources and Social Networks Norton
1716. Society and Politics in Taiwan Norton
1717. Social Movements Across the World Norton
1718. Violence and Politics Norton
1719. Taxes, Business, and Society Norton

18. Urban

1801. Urban Levenson
1802. The Politics of Urban Exclusion Levenson
1803. Governing the North American City Levenson
1804. Author Meets Critics: Urban Power: Democracy and Inequality in São Paulo and Johannesburg by Benjamin Bradlow Bradlow

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

1902. Author Meets Critic: Forbidden Intimacies: Polygamies at the Limits of Western Tolerance by Melanie Heath Heath
1903. Author Meets Critic: Great Queer Provocation. The Seriously Playful Recognition Game, by Martin J. Goessl Goessl
1904. Halloween: Creepy, Scary, Sexy? Evil clowns can be creepy, witches can be scary, but Halloween can also be sexy. Goessl
1905. Roundtable: Archives in Flux--Navigating the New Queer Archive in Canada and Mexico Wilton
1906. Author Meets Critic: Becoming Lesbian: A Queer History of Modern France, by Tamara Chaplin Pieper Mooney
1907. Author Meets Critic: Conjuring the State: Public Health Encounters in Highland Ecuador, 1908-1945 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2023), By A. Kim Clark Pieper Mooney
1908. Medical Photography, Images, and Interpretive Power in the Americas: Gendered Perspectives Pieper Mooney
1909. Archives, Data Bias, Education and Representation: Gendered Perspectives Goessl
1910. Ethics of Care, Gender, Environment, and Labor Goessl
1911. Politics of Gender and Reproduction: Dimensions of Speculative Fiction and Population Planning Goessl
1912. Marriage Laws, Sex Positivity, and Negotiations over Bodily Autonomy under Patriarchy Goessl
1913. Author Meets Critics - L.R. Poos, Love, Hate, and the Law in Tudor England: The Three Wives of Ralph Rishton (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022) Bonfield

20. Critical Studies

2002. Production of Knowledge Regimes: Experts, Political Authority, and Legitimation I Islam
2003. Production of Knowledge Regimes: Experts, Political Authority, and Legitimation II Islam
2004. Theory and Method for Critical Studies I Islam
2005. Theory and Method for Critical Studies II Islam
2006. The Metamorphosis of Socialist Valuation Regimes: The Epistemic and Institutional Foundation for Accumulation in Early Reform China Wu
2007. Critical Approaches to the Rationalization and Quantification of Indigenous Lives Stevenson
2008. What Is Critical Studies? A Roundtable Discussion Go
2009. Critical/Anticolonial Theories as Objects of Historical Inquiries 1 Kim
2010. Critical Social Theory from the Global South Ferguson
2011. Critical/Anticolonial Theories as Objects of Historical Inquiries 2 Kim
2012. Marxist Thought in South Asia -
2013. Critical Approaches to Revolutions Desan
2014. Author Meets Critics: Bourdieu and Sayad Against Empire: Forging Sociology in Anticolonial Struggle by Amín Pérez Desan
2015. Critical Approaches to the Wider Middle East and/or Its Diasporas Masood
2016. Managing the Masses: Critical Reconsiderations of 20th Century Political Science and Theories of Expert Control Dorzweiler
2017. Critical Approaches to French Imperialism: From Imperial Durabilities to Anti-Colonial Subjectivities Hughes
2018. Critical Approaches to Israel/Palestine: Modernity, Citizenship, and Violence Saeed
2019. Author Meets Critics: "Revolution and Witchcraft: the Code of Ideology in Unsettled Times" by Gordon C. Chang Skotnicki
2020. Publishing in Social Science History Emigh
2021. Teaching Social Science History Emigh
2022. How to Publish Critical Studies Emigh
2023. Race in the United States: Review of Virtual Issue in Social Science History Emigh

21. SSHA Sessions

2101. Network Meeting - Childhood and Youth Alexander
2102. Network Meeting - Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff
2103. Network Meeting - Culture Dromi
2104. Network Meeting - Data Infrastructure Magnuson
2105. Network Meeting - Economics Eloranta
2106. Network Meeting - Education, Knowledge and Science Baker
2107. Network Meeting - Family Demography Helgertz
2108. Network Meeting - Health, Medicine and Body Caron
2109. Network Meeting - Historical Geography and GIS Kennedy
2110. Network Meeting - Labor Groeger
2111. Network Meeting - Macrohistorical Dynamics Hung
2112. Network Meeting - Migration/Immigration Waldron
2113. Network Meeting - Politics Ramanathan
2114. Network Meeting - Race and Ethnicity Ivory
2115. Network Meeting - Religion Tabakoglu
2116. Network Meeting - Rural, Agricultural and Environmental McMillan Lequieu
2117. Network Meeting - States and Society Norton
2118. Network Meeting - Urban Levenson
2119. Network Meeting - Women, Gender and Sexuality Goessl
2120. Network Meeting - Critical Studies Emigh